Born in Argentina, 1980.

She uses photography, video and printmaking to talk about the relationship between the human being and the landscape. Using sensory exploration, meditation and body memory she creates dialogues. As a researcher, she explores the sensitive qualities of the creative process of artists, artisans and researchers, using the method of systemic constellations created by Bert Hellinger.

As a camera-woman and filmmaker, she has worked for musicians, dancers and theatre companies.
She currently works with the director Francesc Cerro as a filmmaker in Fortuny theatre in Reus; with Ser libremente and Visionary Woman Art as a filmmaker and content creator.

She runs Medsea Studio with Maya Humo, a Photography and Creative Studio based in Ibiza.


Cosmic Cartographies, an approach to the work of Emma Kunz, in colaboration with Ester G. Mecías and Claudia Reig Martín. 2023.

Artist Portraits: Philosophy, Art and Nature with Yolanda de Zuloaga. 2021-2023.

Constellations for artists, research on creative processes. 2018-2023.

Kinesiology for creativity and self-knowledge. 2021-2023.

Audiovisual production and technique for performing arts. 2015-2023.

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